Fashion takes me where I am now

Fashion takes me where I am now
Fashion takes me where I am now

Monday, October 20, 2014

Let's do it, DIY!


Another DIY peg today. The long vest was actually a dress. Cutting it in the front will result into this lovely, ethnic vest I am wearing today, my dears. Yup, a design aesthetic that never ended. Pumping through my veins from time to time. Their is always the ' calling ' inside me. Happy about the ' gift ' , though. I can re-invent and consciously help Mother Earth via recycling method. Let us be one with nature than against it, my dears. What is your calling, anyway.


I struggled yesterday due to my sickness. My not having enough quality sleep this late took a tool on me and yesterday was a minor indication that I have to slow down a bit and take care of myself first and foremost. Well, I have one body only in this lifetime. Why not love it? Anyway, still working today and thinking otherwise if I will stay at home, the sickness will deteriorate than being busy myself with work. It's the opposite actually. The dogs for one in my place has always been barking even to the slightest noise of anyone strange to them. I highly prize the ' quiet ' ambiance but these dogs are a pissed off. Better in the workplace, I tend to forget the illness.


Fashion Week by the way is in full swing this week. Wishing I can squeeze-in some shows of my fave designers and retail brands. I am much excited with the showing of SS2015 collection. I am looking forward for new talents. Fresh, raw ideas this time around. I am registering this early and got some invites from friends. It means as well to be at work the earliest so I can see the shows without the usual suspect - under time. HAHAHA.

Light and Love.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mirrorized life


This weekend is a bit strange to me. The fact that nothing else will change but work, their has some surprising details today  that I guess will reaped good results in the coming days. Crossing fingers this early, though. I was caught off guard with the ' happy ' news. It maybe a good and single indication of a long requested wish that is being answered but I am not reaching stars here to avoid disappointments in the process. Better this way, of not expecting in full force but has some areas of reservations.


Anyway, I am bringing back military mode today via this an all-Mango ensemble for FW 2014 collection. As mentioned, military trends is in upswing these days. Easy for me to bring back the peg from time to time with all the pegs that I managed to collect from previous seasons. It's just a matter of mixing with new things to look fresh and offbeat again. Like today, I paired the ensemble with this patent metallic brogues. The pop of color via the shoes makes it otherwise chic and updated military mix and match. Of course, excessorize my dears.


I am thankful by the way that the principal's visit two days ago was a ' no-stress ' visit. As usual, we were like sponge soaking new information and newer ideas with this season. Kudos to the merchandising team for their hardwork for the preparations of this visit. Wishing for a positive sales in the coming weeks. As we all know,  a giant retail brand is now taking the metro this recent. And everyone went gaga when they opened few days ago. 


Anyway, amidst the ' chaotic ' mode these past days, I managed to swung by Topshop to check on their ongoing sale event. Got a few and happy with my mirrorized sunnies. It goes well with everything. How's that for a 50% discount? Yes, you will see this fave-of-the-moment item in the coming days. HAHAHA. That's me, I will never get tired of wearing and using when a ' fave item moment ' hit me.


Weekend is here, my dears. And that calls for a movie marathon at home tonight. I've got two new DVDs I bought recently. It's actually old ones but I've heard it's recommended for viewing. Sci-thrillers, it is. Excited this early for tonight's plans. How about you, my dears? Tell me.

Light and Love.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Another weekend comes to its close. How time managed to fly so fast. You blink once and everything is in a different light. Which comes to mind of the fact that time is our greatest enemy. If not managed that well, you are in rush of all things you need to accomplished. Else, you will be in not so favorable situation. 


We are rushing everyday, with all our needs and wants. We even skip meals and important events. But whatever is the ' call ' of our lives, seems the demands are endless. Their is no absolute end of it all. What good is it that in the end, still the ' running after ' never ceases? 

Is time your friend? Think about it.

Light and Love.




Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Improvise, improvise!


Obviously, I wore a robe to work today. Yup, I tucked it in and tada! An instant overlapping blouson. Sometimes, I ran into improvised styling from time to time. And happy with all its results, though. Well, for sure,I love the ' roaring ' print that comes with it. And the 100% silk material is way too irristible. Yay!


Pearls is ' in ' these days so I put a ' strand ' today to contrast the animal print of the robe, er, blouse. The mixed and match of the ID necklace over the pearly strands is a statement, itself. Not too 'Madame-ish' . Or so I thought. HAHAHA. I am thinking in the coming days to match this robe into something ' young ' in terms of styling, say, distressed jeans. Yay!

Light and Love.