Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rule of thumb


              Pardon the background, folks! The intermittent rain is the usual suspect. #Inday has not left the country yet. This morning,it was a combo of wind and rain. Thought another # Glenda is in upswing. Good thing, it subsided later today but the drizzling occurred from time to time. 

              Anyway, today is another ' work-your-ass-off ' day. Same objective but of different perspective. In the same way of having the same, maybe, lunch but the excitement is somewhat on a different light. Life is not complicated, after all. But along the process if you tend to go ' wayward ', then the complications will kicked- in.


            Let's talk about ' complications '. Rule of the thumb, spend according to your means or below your means. Say, a 50k salary is more than enough to sustain you for the next pay day if you spend say, 20k. The remaining can be converted into ' savings '. But spending a mere almost 60k is way much to your means. That's where the ' complications ' begins. See, all things is fair. It is how we take the ' balancing act ' to a higher level to keep ' afloat '.


           But do not make me as your role model. The best adviser is the one who breaks the rule. HAHAHA. Mainly because, one time in my life I passed through of similar situation. Hence, experience/s is the best teacher. There are a lot of things we can discussed about re ' complications ' in this life. But it will take us another day to finished them. HAHAHA.

         In the meantime, check your life you are leading to these days. Stop! And give time pondering on things to sweat it out or just leave it to luck. Life is fair, after all.

         Light and Love.



Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Leave me in peace!


            The Holiday is over. Back to reality. That is to work my ass off. I love the idea of working than be at home during ' off ' days. Or Holidays. Seems being at home is a  'struggle '. One thing, my neighbors has this  ' squatters ' mindset. Well, they came from squatters area actually before transferring to an apartment where I am living these days. Case in point, love to hang washed clothes wherever they liked. In the veranda, where else! The place looks like the buildings I saw in H.K.where your vision somewhat like ' sore ' vision just because of clothes hanging like lanterns. You get the picture. 

           These days, spending ' me ' time is not ' peaceful ' at all. 


          In addition, the incessant barkings of the K-9 dogs on the second floors. These tops the lists of things to be cursed about. How I wished these dogs will be keep somewhere, say, in an open spaces residential areas than having these kind as pets. In a tiny apartment at that! And tiny veranda! 

         I would like to tell the owners, one day, that their dogs are fitted to a ' mall 'dogs. Complete with handlers in tow. One day. It's a shame these people parading their dogs down the building and feeling proud of them. They did not know, for sure, that they are the ' laughing stock ' in the neighborhood. Of not responsible beings, after all. Help me, God!


        Anyway, I am okay once I set foot in my daily job. It's my refuge from it all. And thankfully, I always come home at night late, where mostly everyone in the building were ' settled ' already. Every time this ' settling pace ' sets in, I highly-prized the calm and quiet of my place. This is where ' myself ' comes in. I can prettily relax in my own veranda and just chill there for hours minus the barkings. Looking at the starry skies, minus the hanging clothes and dreaming that one day these dogs and my neighbors next door will be lost in oblivion. HAHAHA. Bring it on!

       Light and Love.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Holiday recall


          Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim community. I remembered back when I was still working in Mango-Jeddah that we were overjoyed of the fact that at the end of Ramadan we had a week of no work. I always found myself in a resort and diving is the main agenda. I truly savored the joy and fun that a Ramadan closing brought in to my existence back then. That was 10 years ago but I can say those were the best years of my life.


        I can say, working overseas ' matured ' me in a lot of ways. I learned to adjust working with colleagues in the store that came from all walks of life, er, countries. But most of the time, I found the Syrians and Lebanese tops my ' handsome ' men. They are strikingly mestizos. They can passed a cross between American and Latinos, speaking of features. But mind you, they are also good lovers. HAHAHA. I have been ' in love ' to both of these nationalities. No comparison here. I have always see every man differently in terms of love, care and relationship.


        In Jeddah, I found the real meaning of friendships. I guess once you are a stranger in a foreign land, you have to ' cling ' to others for emotional support. And that is where everybody comes into play. We seldom had ' monotonous ' moments. We always had the best parties, ever. We just choose someone else place to convene and partied. Complete with pools and booze. What's good of having friends with ' white ' husbands and living in a secluded village is the freedom of having the things that is ' taboo ' in the Kingdom. But we always took extra caution on our way home every after party. There were checkpoints everywhere. Our hearts and heads were always ' rattling ' by the thought of them, even up to these days. I think I brought with me the ' situation ' even I am now in my own country. I immediately get ' rattled ' even to the littlest 'off-guard ' moments.


       These days, some Jeddah friends are settled here for good. We seldom ' bonded ' as we are busy with our careers, respectively. Some were into business and the rest are busy taking care of the family. But if time permits, or should I say, they check malls we make it a point to see each other and maybe check out coffee shops for more stories and keeping-up.

      Planning to have mini reunion soonest. Praying all our schedules will go as planned. 

      Light and Love.

Patent-ed life


         Yes, it does not rain today. My shoes is at 'stake'. HAHAHA. Sorry for being vain at times but I usually pissed-off once newly-bought fashion gears gets wet! I am just thinking of the mileage that I can get on them by wearing it a hundred times over the pesos I splurged on.  I guess we have the same 'vocation' when it comes to the economy of buying. Don't get me wrong, I am not attached to things over anything important than friendships, family and work.

        Life has to go by. I just enjoy this life has to offer, momentarily. Of course, we should put value more on the ' deeper ' meaning of it. Kiss when you felt like doing or giving it to your loved ones, say sorry and mean it, say ' I love you '  and again, mean it and just enjoy every minute when your with your loved ones. 

        Thankful today for the gift of life and love. 

        Light and Love.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Orange you glad!


           Orange is the order of the day! Period. Jokingly aside, this hue keeps its presence felt randomly - in a manner that it's visibility is high in my wardrobe arena. To sealed the longevity of the calling I decided to wear it altogether today which brings me to noticed that the guards manning the train has the vest in similar hue complete with its perforated design. I belong! HAHAHA.


          Personally, I am not a deep thinker on what to wear at any given day. I just throw whatever excites my fashion nerves at the moment. And I can say, without premeditated thoughts on them, it came out fierce. Yes, it's been tried and tested for so many times - less effort, looking splendidly beautiful. Or so I thought. HAHAHA.


         I have to quote that I have got a beautiful pair of sunnies and handbag today. It's not costing me an arm and leg. Just the right purchases in this tough times. Well, proud to say, got it from a buy-one-take-one brand. Love the grassy green color of the bag which contrasted to the orange ensemble. Orange you glad!. A pop of color won't hurt but it gave a new meaning to the color blocking aspirations. Yay!
        Light and Love.