Daria Werbowy for MANGO FW 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Metallic dreams


Hello, my dears. Hoping everyone is good and well. Please stay dry as storm ' Luis ' is starting to make its presence. Yes, it will make a landfall later by Sunday or early Monday. This time, more rains. Expect another ' river ' when this storm intensifies. Be ready but keep praying that this is not as strong as the previous. Anyway, another Saturday and thank you God for another day. This may sound cliche but being ' moving ' and breathing is one gift above all. Be thankful with that. Nothing else is more important than waking-up in the morning. Some are not. A little prayer of guidance will do to prepare us for another battle ahead of us. Amen.


Happy today when I saw my good friend, Kath. With hubby and son in tow. By the way, his son Miguel Antonio is fast becoming a sensation here in the Tropic Pines. But popular abroad especially in Singapore. Miguel had his concert last night at Hardrock Cafe with Ap of Black Eyed Peas, no less. Thank you, guys for dropping by in Mango store. 

Kath used to worked for Mango- Davao as store manager years past. Happily married these days to an Indian national but they are based in Singapore. Obviously, Miguel's rising star shone all the more in SG but slowly checking good ' timing ' here and in the well. 

Recently, Miguel went for the Big Apple for a recording of sort. Back here, he was under the tutelage of Ap. Hence, the concert last night. I believed Miguel will soon, in no time, find his niche here. Good talent that he is, it's no wonder a ' star ' in the person of this boy will shine bright. Like a diamond.


Ah, at last, the merchandising training came to its completion. After two days of legworks, all ended up in a positive note. What we need is the ' adaptation ' , accordingly to the stores. It's not as complicated as it looked but it only need a handful of gut-feel ( read: not afraid of new measures ), a logical mind ( read: being able to analyze the sales better ) and the ' eye ' for its visual impact. Parang contest criteria lang, HAHAHA. Anyway, a good time management is all I need to produce positive results with all the directives this season. What with all the stores to check on this.


Well, another military vibe, today. In metallic version. I missed this jacket that it was a year ago, if my memory serves me right, since the last time I had this thrown on my shoulders. Closer, it has this nice, embossed baroque design. I just added a touch of details via this studded patches I got from travels abroad. Tempered with jeans to create an effortless, casual look. Of course, I can't go out the house without blings. I excessorized via a mix of pearls, metals and stones necklace. Oh, my Y3 bag debuted today. It was purchased long time ago but did not find the right timing to mix it with any of my ensembles in the past. I just grabbed the bag this morning following my gut-feel that this is the day it was supposed to strut into town. Definitely, it went perfectly right. 

Light and Love.



Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Call of the day!

Today, we kicked-off another training in merchandising for the new season, that is AW 2014. Call time: 9 am. Left early in my apartment avoiding the traffic. Good thing, it was not that heavy this morning. Roads were passable along Pasong Tamo. Generally, it only took me 30 minutes to the Head Office, where the first part of the training was being held, and I still have few minutes left for my much- needed breakfast. Thank God, I have all the energy today. 


Led by our Country Manager, Kelly Santos, in-store merchandisers were like sponges soaking every information cascaded. There were few new things and changes with this season but generally it will all boils down to sales. Without neglecting as well the image, per se. A few laughs along the process to break the monotony just the same. 


The theory part were all discussed today with planning for the merchandising changes tomorrow. Basically, two days is allotted for the training. This afternoon, we chose a pilot store for the legworks. What we did is planning through and through. For sure, some participants has somehow tired along the way but happy with the good results as everyone met the expectations. We even managed to finished it on time. 


By the way, I am into this new sweater from our AW 2014 Militar collection. From the first sight on this piece of garment, I knew instantly that I will owned it. I love how the camouflage prints are trimmed with beads in a variety of colors but still very much in military vibe. This can be worn in any occassion, perhaps. This can be in downtown dressing like I did today or can be in a party after work. Very versatile, actually.


This morning, I was hesitant to mix it with my trusted leather pants. I found it ' stale ' and I looked ' flat' when I checked myself in the mirror. I have decided to inject a pop of color via this yellow trousers tempered with the check print shirt tied and wrapped over my waist area. You know me, I love mixing prints. I hope you like it.

Ti'll tomorrow, folks. I have to hit the sack earlier than usual. Early call time, again. 

Light and Love.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Clean slate


In a few months, December is in our midst. How time flies! But before that, my birthday will be celebrated first. November it is! And I will be soon joining the 40ish club. As they say 40 is the new 20. HAHAHA. What else is there for me? A lot. One, I am planning to be back in university. Taking something in line with work or maybe pursue my other passion, that is cooking. I love to whip up dishes and entertain people. I kind of baffled actually, with all the cravings of my heart. I wished I have all the energy and of course the funding with all these things. In the meantime, I have to saved-up, firstly.


There were times in the past that my plans were put on hold. Several factors to considered. But I believed in one thing, everything is achievable if it s meant to be. And one single important thing above all is good health. No matter how abundant resources are if health is questionable, then everything will not be actualized. 


I have noticed that by getting years older you become wiser. I have learned to accept things that is beyond my ability to achieve and have learned as well to let go of the past. Of course, we all have ' skeletons ' . I have mine that is hard to letting it go but the baggages at times is the usual suspect why things get soured. So I decided to let it go. And there is no going back there. How about you? Do you have acceptance at this point in your life? 


I sounded ' dramatic ' today. HAHAHA. Maybe because of the weather. Again!?. Anyway, I am cross between a collegiate meets sweet Lolita today. HAHAHA. I just love the avian prints on my silk shirt contrasted with my butterfly necklace. How about that for a starter?.

Well, contrasting prints is my way of life. It is where my best element comes about.i hope you like it, folks. Sometimes, I have the ' urged ' to look immaculate even with the mixing of pronounced prints but when put together still looking clean and chic. Oh! my, I just love to kicked-off Monday with a clean slate. I knew exactly that by doing so, everything else falls into the right places. 

Light and Love.