Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Printed matter

            Hello, my dears. How is your day! I wished you translate today a positive attitude. Anyway, mine is another " bites in the dust " peg. What with my endless legworks. But again, it's not work at all as I am enjoying doing it. 

           Anyway, it's a print-on-print combo taking considerations with the trendy prints this season. I wished you like it, my dears.  


                                                Light and Love.

Monday, April 21, 2014

White lies

           White  is a fave peg during summer. When mixed with gold, it's more than perfect! Somehow the gold hue will come out distinctively when with white mixing. So do I today. Yes! white is so much flexible with the mix and match department when it comes to combination of colors. You can never go wrong with this somehow "virginal" hue. HAHAHA. I felt one now. Charot!

          Anyway, enjoy!

                                             Light and Love.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


           These days, tying my hair in bun is the alternative on this hot, summer days. The weather seems unbearable and letting my hair down is not a good idea. Plus, the fact that it is not healthy anymore ( read: dead as in D-E-A-D ). My plan seems in oblivion of having it treated and colored. It is always been a plan. I need to do some actions at once otherwise my hair might looked like a broom on the loose. HAHAHA. 

           Anyway, Holy Week might come to an end. And thankfully, had the best memories from it. Not really is outstanding as planned but fun just the same. How about you folks? I wished the same. Oh! It's a Monday tomorrow and another week of reality: making a living. In my case, checking stores around the metro and that means braving the sun. No choice. As mentioned in my previous posts, just enjoy your work and it becomes light and fun. The cycle is the same every single day but it's up to you to put on some flavor into it. Right? Emanates positivity and the people around will emanates just the same. 

         Seriously, our daily chores might sometimes be a bore. Whatever is your job, it did gets into the stage of a repeated, boring cycle. It is normal for everyone of us in this world of mediocrity. Here's what to do: go out with friends and have a blast once a week, have a pet to look forward to when coming home and start a hobby like painting or related in arts as past time. Ways to have an "outlet" . Or enroll in a short-term courses that will enhance the uniqueness in you. I was able to went back to schooling sometime 2 years ago. It did get me through the boredom that is killing me sometime then. And eventually managed to withstand and came out as a winner, myself. Self-rewarding it is! And having new friends as a bonus! Why not? 


                                             Light and Love.

                           Here,s an inspirations for this week! Bring it on! It is a combo of Spring and Summer pegs but pick one item at a time to mix and matched it with your existing pieces. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014


       Manila by today is cleaner (read: no traffic less pollution). I guessed, many are happy in the sense that motorists has less stress but again, seems everyone is somewhere for this long weekend. Rather than staying in the house, better wander into some place that emanates positivity this Holy Week. 

       No plans for me but friends came and kidnapped me to go with them for adventure. They chose Lucban, Quezon. On our way today we passed by Fernbrook. Off we went down to take photos of this picturesque place. Their is a mass ongoing when we arrived there. We are on a hurry to Lucban so we opted to just take our precious time for some snaps. There you go!

                                                      Light and Love.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holier than thou

       In a few hours, Holy Thursday will commenced. What are your plans, my dears? Whatever it is, kindly take time to stop and pray for the atonement of one's sins. A little re-assessments won't hurt.  As far as I can remember, Holy Week was solemn and indeed holy back then, say, 20 years ago. These days, it was the reverse. What used to be holy, now is spent somewhere for fun. I guessed, this is also a time where mostly members of the family, aside from Christmas, is coming home. Normally, bonding is never far behind. And that spells fun: beach, picnic etc.        

       For some, doing together the "station of the cross" is obligatory. I remember I am itching my way that the  "station" will come to a close any sooner when my family did it together years ago. It seems to me doing it is so laborious ( even though I just stand there and followed them) and not having a relevance in me.  As if it was the longest time of my life spent. These days, it has some otherwise a "holy" effect in me. Holy Week would not passes by without doing the sacred thing. And more than holy enough if done accordingly with every family. As the saying goes, a family that prays together, bonds.  This is once a year, folks. Once a year (I sounded like my foster mom here, HAHAHA).

        So whatever will be the plans, do take time to pay respect before hitting the fun button. After all, Holy Week is holy, indeed.

                                                  Light and Love.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The little things in life

       Yes, finally! I did get what I wanted and wished for. I am in for a treat this weekend. More of this story in my future posts, my dears.

        In the meantime, let' s talk about being happy in many ways possible. Through the years, I have been into my lowest of low to the highest of high but seems along the way, their is that "craving" for the ultimate happiness which until this time, seems I have in one way, found it. Not so grand ( expensive things, duh!) but little things in life but fulfilling. I wanna share you these things which does not cost an arm and leg but by just being " you".

       For one, be happy for your existence. Being alive is the best gift to us more than any material things we acquired. To see the beauty of the place we moved around is a gift itself. I guess it is not a very good idea if your blind today. But by seeing the beauty of nature this world gave is really is the wondrous thing to our lives. How about our health. Being in the pink of it is a big, great thing. Think of someone who is sick or who is battling with cancer. Yes, health is wealth and that is true. Although, my mom and only sister died of the big C, this does not prompt me to sulk and think negatively about it. What I did is staying away from stress and meat in the most possible ways. It is a struggle, though. I did not cut meat overnight. It took me months to resolve the habit. I felt light and healthier in the process. One bonus, I became sexier ( read: from L to S size ).

      In any case, be happy of the little things in life. A kiss from your daughter/son is the best perk-me-up situation ever. Say I love you when you can. Life is short, after all.  Bond with friends more often. They will color our lives. We can openly say anything towards our friends without the guilt-feeling. But be choosy with your friends just the same. They are there when you need a a comfort. A hug. And most of all, they will support your being nerdy and crazy at times. Right?

      There you go, very easy. It is different approach between you and me, though, but again, essential to lead a stress-free life. But again, you are the captain of your heart and mind. One at a time. Why not? Good luck! 

       Well, today is another day but would not passes-by without my obligatory outfit shoot. HAHAHA. I guess you noticed my linen blouse is crumpled.  When it's crumpled, it has this character. So just enjoy the ride and not be conscious being in that state. After all, it is the attitude not the outfit that sealed the order of the day.

                                                     Light and Love.