Thursday, July 24, 2014

VESTed interest


               Typhoon #Inday most likely will not make a landfall. That is good to know but again, be vigilant as the wrath of nature is vicious most of the times. Hays...#Inday. Better behave or else #Dodong will slap you! HAHAHA. The weather today is still a downer. What with the rain since two days ago and I can sense no plans at all to stopping.  Please, rain go away! It's my ' parade ' this week. Going South is not a picnic at the park. I have to travel from my place Buendia which took me 2 hours to reached ATC, where one of Mango store is located. Thankfully, I always end up earlier than usual.

               By the way, a repeat of my graphical print tee but mixed with a vest. This vest serves me for 6 good years already. The possibilities of mixing this piece of garment to the rest of my wardrobe is endless. Classic yet trendy. Trendy, I mean that it's presence is significant every season. 

              Light and Love.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014



          I wanna captioned this last photo in a candid and fun manner. It is a contrast of both worlds. One which is me engrossed with my photo shoot out from the pursuit of something creative platform via blog and here's this man ( I guess a Chinese national ) going through his task of the day that is maybe sealing a deal of sort or just plain in a hurry because he is going to pee. HAHAHA.

         Different strokes for different folks! But ending the day just the same. Yes, whatever is the magnitude of one's attainment daily, we always come back to basics. Come back to our family, to one's home even being alone but you can call it your own ' me ' time. The rat race is out there. No stopping from it as the world is also made-up from this ' pacing ' to make a living. But no matter what, we will never lose our ' balance ' and sort of happiness amidst the struggles.

        Anyway, today is bedweather day. What with the intermittent rains. This cold weather pulling me down to my bed, literally. Too lazy to get up this morning. I was actually awoke by the barkings of the dogs downstairs. These dogs really are a nuisance. I want some peace!

        By the way, I seldom wore my jeans but today is an exception. I miss wearing the blues. I actually missed the garterized element at the hemlines of this pair. Perfect for my newly-bought sandals in orange hue. Orange you glad! HAHAHA. Well, the necklace is another work of art. I love it! Hays...I can't resist anything nice. Statement necklaces is my weakest point.

      Light and Love.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sweater power


             Elated with this sweater upon handing it to me as gift. Their is no way I can get hold of this piece of garment had someone will check Espanya for me. This never came to the Tropic Pines. It was ' blocked '. Not until. I would never lose time wearing this out today. The color and the print is just so perfect. Young yet restrained. Not so 'bright' and delightfully charming if paired with white or just wear it as a dress. 


           Possibilities are endless with this sweater in terms of mix and matching styling. It can worn with denim, tattered shorts or light color leggings. Keep a light tone on the bottom part to give good mileage to the nice color and print of the sweater. I brought with me an orange sandals but the yellow pumps won over. I guess, achieving a height with it brings a nice 'disposition'. Either way, it's how you gave a ' character ' to the style that will be counted most. Yay!


            Anyway, their is another typhoon looming around. After #Henry which brought wrath to provinces ( thankfully, it did not wander around the metro ), #Inday will paid a visit this week. Praying, this is not be as bad as #Glenda. I've had enough of the recent typhoon: with all the water and howling winds came into my midst. Hays....

           TC, everyone and keep safe. Stay dry. Say the rosary. After all, what we can do is to pray.

           Light and Love.



Monday, July 21, 2014

Being Wonder Woman


           The ' Wonder Woman ' in me yesterday manifested. Early morn, heed to a client's call re styling. She needed somewhat my expertise to calmed her down. A wedding in the offing and a presentation to an overseas partners will be of her great tasks to look good and ' fierce '. We ended around noon of a marathon of editing, pluses and ideas pooled in. Thankfully, had my lunch on time and sealed the contract just in time. At this point, I went back to my place to get something which I forgot to take it with me that morning and off to meeting-up a long lost friend who arrived from the Big Apple and planning to settle here for good. This is an important meeting for me. This friend of mine would like to invest something in the fashion field and he finds me suitable to ask for advises. The meeting was fruitful, though. Excited! 

          By 4 pm, I had to squeeze-in my colleague's bday party of her daughter who turned a year older. Off I found myself somewhere in Manila surrounded by kiddos, boys and girls, and played them around while getting my food chewed in the process. Not to mention the endless ' selfies ' and 'wefies' along the fun ride during the bash.

        Thankfully, managed to attend all of them in one day. With so much gusto! Yay!


        You see, we all have the Wonder Woman in us. We multi-tasked in an easy and charming fashion. No surrender but onwards. Life is made-up of lines - racing to the finish line that is. But their is no ending in a day-to-day tasks. But without them, life is obsolete. It makes the 'cut ', so to speak.


       Today, as you have noticed, the leather pants made its ' cut ', again. As I have mentioned earlier, this will be strutting town from time to time. Paired with a linen blouse to tempered the strong leather presence. A pop of color via the handbag makes a little ' interesting ' ensemble even with the generic black and white combo. Yay!

      Light and Love.