Daria Werbowy for MANGO FW 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Friends and FB


              On a rare occassion, my Sunday is well-spent within the comforts of my apartment. Else, I will be out with friends or visit a relatives ( sadly, my fave one had moved to Leyte ) or in the strips of ' ukay ' in Libertad. 

             In between this slew of activities, I make it a point that they are well- spent off. 


             It is good to know there are friends far and wide that you may ' rest ' your back on when needed to. Friends that you treasured way back university days but still in contact with each other. And the ones near. Aside from the constant calls and e-mails, FB thing is one big help. I ' source out ' some of the longest ' out of the circulation ' friends from this social network. Shameful plugging, huh! But thankful just the same. FB is a ' wonder ' by itself.         


              In the process, there are hard to find ones as their family names have been changed when they got married. Or used an ' alias ' which I am not sure of the reason behind the  ' incognito ' thing. HAHAHA.  

              Undeniably, everyone is enjoying the liberty of posting in whatever size of imagination there is with FB. But most of the times, saddened with news feeds with ' brutal ' tone. I cannot help myself but read it. They are everywhere in my account because I also followed it, that's why. But helpful just the same than buying a paper or watching the news on TV which I seldom do.

             But on a single note, FB or without, friends can be found anywhere. But one thing for sure, it will start from yourself. Smile and being approachable is the key. Share a seat and you can win one. A lot of ways, actually. 

             In the meantime, I have to enjoy myself, for now, the liberty of finding one in FB.

            Light and Love.



Saturday, August 30, 2014

If I could.....


              If given a chance, I have to lived for 100 years. Why? I wanna be present with every momentous events of my nieces and nephews lives. Or even a firsthand spectator of my inaanak's ' special '  day/s,  say, graduating from college or getting married. How about catching-up with their first apos. Sounds weird but realistically, these are events that is to be treasured. If I can reached a 100 and  still ' kicking ' then.


               However, this is impossible considering my lifestyle,  but this is part of my bucket lists just the same. Of course, somebody will be of my assistance by then. For sure,I am a weakling already by that time. Someone is attending my needs. Although my body is ' tired and paunchy ' , my mind still is very ' sound ' and my hearing is in tip toe shape. Or so I thought. But wishing the same, though.


              On the other side of my brain,  I vowed myself not to hit the ' anger point '. My mind should be in a state of calm and focus. On things that matters most: work, personal attainment of the day and be at peace with myself even others are not. Sort of ' mind yoga ' This works, really. Things gets ' sympathetic ' as well. All falls into place, actually. Without sweating it out. If it's meant, then be it.

             Light and Love. Happy Saturday, everyone.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The job that pays the rent


            The tensions is high this early. What with principals coming over the next week. I should ' thoroughly ' keep the stores in '  tip-tap ' shape. Else, the visits willl be not be fruitful and commendable. But I believe the team is in good shape tending and preparing the stores the best they can just the same. Or so I thought. It still need the follow-up even to the ' minute ' details there is. It is better to check every ' nook and crannies ' to achieved an almost perfect shop. 


           Today, the 'thorough' checking kicked-off. I have to squeeze-in the remaining days left before Monday.  Above all, not to be sick in the process. I cannot afford to be in a situation not favorable especially so with the principals visit. This late, I have been not feeling well and ' stable '. Again, not completing the  8 hours sleeping pattern is the main cause. This being a night owl sometimes took a toll in your whole being. 


           Anyway, I leave it to dedication, hardwork and I must say ' pure luck '.  One thing, our unpredictable weather. Count largely the ' predictable ' traffic any time of the day. And importantly, the AC in the stores or the main mall ishould be colder more than the usual. You know it exactly that it is more fun in the tropic Pines. And these factors by the way, will affect the ' mindset ' of my dear principals. Help me, God!

         On a lighter note, I wore again this flare Moschino trousers today. From time to time, I am ' longing ' the beautiful prints of this beautiful piece of garment. That most of the time I just stare at it in my open- case closet and my mind gets into limbo picking up things randomly to matched and mixed with it. DefInitely their is also a ' sidelight ' to this slew of wonderful mix and matching department which is wearing this pants ' once in a blue moon ', or so I thought.

         The prints is so pronounced and the bell bottoms style in the hemlines is so noticeable that one can give me an oddly stare as if saying there you go again ' the-fave-of-the- moment-pants '. And I don't want that to happen even the temptation is hard to resist. HAHAHA.

         In the meantime, I have to enjoy today it's ' re-birthing '.

          Light and Love.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Notes on a Sunday.....


            A different Sunday. Dropped by with my colleague's daughter's 1st birthday, Ysabella.

           Bonding with the ' pioneers ' in Mango. Good seeing familiar faces. It has been longer times since we did not ' bond '. With kiddos in tow now. Clearly, it's been a while since their kids these days are growing fast. Meaning, we are getting old. HAHAHA.


            Normally, I will not go make time for ' dressed-me-up ' during Sundays. But why not! The thought of a ' bonding ' is a bonus itself. In fact, taking time choosing which is which is fun and wonderful during Sundays. 


            Anyways, I opted this Sunday's look for the birthday event. Comfy yet not basic. Easy to move around especially so children running around. Mommy lang ang peg. CHAROT! 

           Happy Sunday to everyone.

           Light and Love.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

' Knitted ' life


               So much things have happened today. Good things at that! Endless ' meeting ' of minds kicking- off with the monthly meeting. Capping with a hearty meal. Thank you, Mango. Then meeting with Sabina ( Spain's back-up ) in her hotel to get her around the stores and check some competitors. Along the way, we found ourselves in the middle of a brand that was on ' sale '. Happy with our loot! It was a crazy sale, after all.

                                                 More photos of today's shoot, folks!


             With my colleagues in tow, we also check Halo-Halo from Razon's in Greenbelt. Sabina likes it over Chowkings. She had her first Hall-Halo in Chowking when she spent two weeks in Fairview- Mango for her staff trainings. These days, she will be in BF for more trainings. Today, we were able to spent an afternoon of malling and hitting some fave restos. We even tried this apple float in McDo.

               Razon's  Halo-Halo is just so perfect with this weather. The ice is foamy and refined.


            Anyway, today is a ' knit ' day. But sporting this awesome color. Orange you glad! HAHAHA. I love the voluminous sleeves and the knits being handmade is lightweight enough with our weather. 

           Sealed it with this distressed jeans achieving the no- nonsense vibe. Of course, the obligatory heels never failed me to impressed by means of my added height and panache. CHAROT!

           Light and Love.