Daria Werbowy for MANGO FW 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

CAP-ping the mode


            Never underestimate the ' functional ' cap. It can be styled in more than ways than one. A unique tool if you style it differently. It is commonly seen styled with sneakers or in a laid-back vibe. Well, you can pumped-up the volume by changing styling lanes from time to time. A suit ensemble can be match with maybe a leather cap just to maintain the norm but not going overboard. In my case, I had this metallic heels just to contrast the the rest of my wardrobe pieces like the jeans and the suit-y metallic jacket. My take is to dressed-up differently with the commonly used accessory that is this cap.


           It's up to you, my dears. Whatever is most comfortable with you. Always follow your style ' instinct ' . But I will remind you that do not settle to the ' basics '. Tropic Pines is a sea of basics already. Right? But I can't blame you guys. One thing, we are in a tropical country. So we need more cotton made materials for garments. But this is not an excuse. We have a lot of fierce basics re style and cuts. It is up to you to the mix and matched department.  Another thing, accessorizing is a fail-safe move. It added drama and ' magic ' to your look. Go for it!


          TGIF! Hitting the road later is a good idea. I need to unwind a little. A lot of sentiments to talked about. I need an ear for all of these things. It is good to know that you have friends whenever a ' down ' time hit you. Yay! Let us cheers to that!

        Light and Love.



Thursday, August 21, 2014



            Holiday today and a lazy peg vibe. Everything stops for a reason. Making-up of sleepless nights previously. What a life! Every nerves in my body is jumping for joy. Yes, sleeping is something to look forward to. A time to set a weary body at rest. A time to put a restless mind into a relax mode. Good thing, this afternoon their was a ' shower ' which ease out the humidity. Which makes more lazier and just tossed myself in my bed. 


            I wish I am somewhere in an island getaway. Just in my bikini, Charot! And with a cold drink in tow. Nothing else is blissful when you surrender yourself to somewhere away from the chaos of it all. Away from the city. And being entertained nothing but purely nature around you. Greeneries, white sand and blue water. is just too good to enjoy and be happy. Yay!

           Light and Love.




Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Electric blues


           I seldom wear an electric blue jeans. But this one is an exception. Coated at that! The fit is nice. Well, especially so if your not blessed with a good butt. It has this push-up factor. Tada! You have this awesome butt instantly. 


          As you have noticed, the cover-up that I wore today is a flea market finds. It's a multi-purpose piece of garment. It serves the purpose when it's balmy at night to keep you warm and just be in ' fashyon ' when malling or just about strutting into town. Jeans is a perfect combo to create drama. Heels is fierce to call it a day. Yay!                             

         The white clutch is really a versatile piece of accessory. Can be matched in every outfit you can imagine. What is nice with neutral color bags is an investment itself. You can use it a lot of times. Irregardless of its high price points, the economy of its usage is more than a bonus itself. Just don't forget to bring a bag raincoat ( just ) in case it will rained. HAHAHA.

          Light and Love.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014



             Guess what, I have worn this sweater again today. This serves as my inner garment to my otherwise set of jacket and trousers in paisley prints. What I mean to say that this sweater serves me almost 13 years. Yes, that's how I take care of my outfits. I got this when I was still working abroad. 

             The quality is commendable and the print still is nice. Not that ' wow ' but can get by when mix and matched with the rest. Well, this has somewhat had a ' value '.  Every time I got hold of this, lots of memories came back. Seems like time machine via this sweater. HAHAHA.          


           Hays, another senti moment. HAHAHA. But who cares! It's a normal thing. That sometimes at any point in our lives we have a distinctive memories, aside from the rest of memories from our memory bank, that we love to relive and talked about ( unless someone likes the idea of hearing your story of your life ). 

         Well, 5 years abroad seems short. What with all the ' men ' and the joyous ' bonding '. Yes, aside from the job that remarkably the usual suspect why I never missed sending provisions back home then, the men actually was the main event. HAHAHA. Which led me to the idea at this present time that these ' boyfriends ' and flings on the side made my world worth fighting for in Jeddah ( sans the Muttawas fiercely looking for badings to be sent to jails ).

         I lost count of them, truth to tell. But only a handful that I truly loved and cared for. For the record, I never had an inkling for kabayans back then. All were ' whites ', so to speak. They loved you unconditionally. No liquid assets involved. HAHAHA. Well, they now part of my memory bank which from time to time be talked about and ' dejavu-ed '.

         Well, the Muttawas never catches us but we nailed them down! Yay!

          Light and Love.   


Monday, August 18, 2014

In command!


               Another take on army look today. Seems this is my fave-and-easy-to-throw-look these days. It is easy, after all. Get the essentials: army green or camou print jacket and your good to go! No sweat. It does not stop from there. You can incorporate with florals and tempered it with again, green jacket and accessorized. Use something white color blings to bring some color of your ensemble. Actually, the possibilities are endless. 


                Anyways, a little ' dampen spirit ' I felt later this afternoon. Don't know why. Maybe because of the sudden change of the weather? You know, most of the time, the weather is the usual suspect of my moods. I believe that we are one with nature. When it rained, we just love to be in bed and be lazy about and when the sun is out and about, seems we have a ' renewed ' spirit of sort.


                 But again, we have to rise with the situation. Life has to move forward. It is bad if you just stop dreaming and working. The element of moving around is the ' standard ' to keep afloat. What else is there if you are not seeking it?  

                 Light and Love.